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Voice over IP

Getting really tired of bills from the phone company, where subscription fee is 2/3 of the total amount, I decided to do a little investigation in IP telephony (VoIP). A few years ago it was mandatory in Denmark to have a telephone line in order to have an ADSL connection. I checked out with my provider (Cybercity) that it is no longer the case. IMHO the sparse range of currently available IP phones all are really ugly compared to my good old Beocom, so I decided to connect my existing phone with a with an Sipura 1001 ATA. After examining the terms and prices for different IP-providers i created a free account at Musimi. They charge dkk 7,50 per month for holding an optional telephone number, dkk 0,09 per minute for calling traditional landline phones and of course free calls to other IP phones. :-) I connected the ATA, ran the Musimi auto configurator and set up the ATA's web interface according to this. Using G.711a I was surpriced about the clear sound quality.