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I have had a 250GB Maxtor hard disk ( 6V250F0) in my setup for some time, and been very happy with it. It's very quiet, has 16 MB cache, SATA2 and NCQ. Recently I added another one of these disks to my box. I have an Asus A8N-SLI Premium motherboard, that have a nForce4 and a Silicon Image 3114 based RAID controller installed. The nVRAID is faster than the SI controller, so decided to go with nVidia's. I started out with only the new hard drive cabled, and changed the bios to enable RAID on the controller. In RAID bios I then added the drive as a stripe (yes that's striping on one drive). I have an XP installation CD with my motherboard drivers prepared with nLite, so Windows setup immediately recognised the RAID controller and installed Windows onto that. In Windows I copied data from my old harddisk to the new one. Went back to the bios and added my old drive to the raid drive pool. In nVidia's MediaShield application I could then add the drive to the stripe, and immediately started rebuilding the RAID. Pretty easy setup, and it's blazing fast. Update: See http://klinkby.wordpress.com/2007/06/18/nvraid-errors/