ProcessItems UX pattern

Here's a general implementation for the common UX scenario where a items in a list should be processed, and that processing might fail, so reprocessing might be needed for those items. This used e.g. when copying a bunch of files or collecting data from loosely connected distributed systems.

/// <summary>  
/// General UX process pattern that processes some items sequencially, while  
/// reporting progress. Should items fail processing, the caller can retry  
/// processing those.  
/// </summary>  
/// <typeparam name="T">Item type</typeparam>  
/// <param name="items">Collection of items to process</param>  
/// <param name="processItem">Callback to process an item. The second parameter is for reporting  
/// progress in completion percentage for that item.</param>  
/// <param name="askRetry">Callback to determine if failed items should be reprocessed</param>  
/// <param name="progress">Callback to report progress in percentage</param>  
/// <returns></returns>  
IEnumerable<T> ProcessItems<T>(  
    IList<T> items,
    Action<T, Action<int>> processItem,
    Func<IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<T, Exception>>, bool> shallRetry,
    Action<int> progress)
    int count = items.Count;
    var completed = new HashSet<T>();
    bool eject = false;
        var failures = new Queue<KeyValuePair<T, Exception>>();
        for (int i = 0; i < count; i++)
            T item = items[i];
            if (!completed.Contains(item))
                    processItem(item, p => progress(p / count + i * 100 / count));
                catch (Exception e)
                    failures.Enqueue(new KeyValuePair<T, Exception>(item, e));
            progress((i + 1) * 100 / count);
        if (failures.Any())
            eject = !shallRetry(failures);
    while (completed.Count < count && !eject);
    return completed;
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