Malware scan microservice

I published a new Docker-compose solution with a nice REST interface for on-demand malware scanning using the ClamAV daemon from a non-blocking .NET5 Kestrel application.

The solution consists of the following parts:

  1. A .NET Standard 2.0 assembly implementing a generic non-blocking client proxy for the TCP interface of the ClamAV daemon. The code is in GitHub repo klinkby/clamdscan and there is a prepacked Klinkby.Clam NuGet package available for general use. [Read more].

  2. A .NET Core 5 Web API serivce that use above library behind a simple HTTP/REST endpoint, complete with OpenAPI/Swagger, health endpoint and Dockerfile. The code in GitHub repo klinkby/clamdscan-rest, is also available as a prepacked Docker Hub image klinkby/clamrest. The image is based on a locked-down Alpine Linux. [Read more].


  1. In the repo you will also find a docker-compose file that pairs above docker image with an auto updating ClamAV docker image used over internal network plus health monitoring to provide a complete solution.

Whether you prefer to use it via dotnet or HTTP, all is MIT licensed. 😀