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Podcast aggregator using BITS

Looking for a podcast aggregator, I didn't really find one that wasn't either bloated, slow or cluttered up the episodes to download. So without further ado I thought about coding a basic and lightweight console application that didn't have to run as a background process, really robust and use the Background Intelligent Transfer Service to download the podcasts posts fast using idle bandwidth. Add Scheduled Task The app is quite simple to use. You add new podcasts to monitor with the command line arguments "add {url}", and remove them again with "remove {url}". Then there is a "list" command that dumps all  the feeds and the download status of each post. The last command is "refresh", and it checks all feeds for new posts and queues them up for download. It always stores downloads and a configuration file to the process working directory so make sure you run the app from where you want the downloaded files to go. The above screen shot is an example of how to configure Windows Task Scheduler to let the app automatically check for new podcast episodes. The result is at http://podcast.codeplex.com/ and there is even a  ready to use release build. Enjoy!