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Microsoft PDC 2008 day 4

*No keynote this last day, so directly to the morning session... * Creating SharePoint applications with VS2008 I talked to a MS product manager at the SharePoint booth the other day, and asked him why there was no new SharePoint features revealed at the conference. He said he couldn't tell me anything about the next release. So :-( But that didn't stop Microsoft from throwing in a couple of SP sessions in the schedule. This session was a walkthrough of some of the things you can build with the  VSeWSS3 v1.2 for VS2008, ie. applying a site theme with a feature, custom field, content type with event and custom action. He also showed putting a Silverlight graph control in a webpart. After seeing the standards based Azure these last couple of days, I had almost forgot how ugly the WSS SDK is. At one time the speaker said "This XML looks pretty scary", while collapsing some of the nodes as not to have people running screaming out of the auditorium. All that POX dissecting from web services, guids and weakly typed result sets - plenty of room for improvement here.  Updated: I skipped the second morning session to have a go on the hands on labs (HOL), the only way to get a token needed to sign up for a Live Serices (Mesh) application developer account. Advanced Asynchronous Workflow using SharePoint The flashy name covers over a session that demonstrated a simple pattern where a SP workflow created a task, called a remote web service, waited for the task to complete (when a local web service completed it), before deleting the task again and exiting. Nothing to loose your breath about here.  An overview was given on the workflow ecosystem: SP is and will be the workflow platform for IM like human workflows, and biztalk for orchestration. The new "Dublin" application server is for actual business applications implemented with WF. *I missed the sessions on "Quadrant" ie. the graphical model schema editor for the "Oslo", so I took a HOL on the subject. It's has a very simplistic 3-color GUI, with some new controls eg. drag-scrolling lists (without scrollbars). Though I only had time to build a basic model it sure looked cool.  *