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Microsoft and W3 standards blues

I have been working on an ASP.NET 2.0 website for a while and I like interoperability so I aim for XHTML1.1 conformance. I set strict=true in web config, and add the doctype to the top of my master page, and set the content type to "application/xhtml+xml" as the standard suggests. Opera and Mozilla renders the pages very nice, but IE just spews out an XML error. A little digging reveals that IE6 doesn't support the content type for XHTML. Nor will the unreleased (state-of-the-art?) IE7 :-( With the content type reverted back to "application/html", even IE rendered the page. Opera has this nice feature where it can upload a document to the W3 validator, and I was not entirely surpised to see that the document rendered by the asp.net engine, was not xhtml compliant. After some tweaking I decided to drop the asp:menu control alltogether, it renders a tables-bloat anyway - instead I used a solution where my xml menu is transformed into a Suckerfish-like menu that is xhtml1.1 compliant, 

  • based and much more compact. I hope M$ will get it right next time.