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Live Mesh

Microsoft's latest technical preview in the Live line called Mesh really caught my attention.

First it's not every day Microsoft releases something that's not in some way related to Office or a Windows server, and at the same time being a scalable, stable and free service.

Secondly it's based on a Ray Ozzie idea, which basically means it's decoupled peer-to-peer technology like Groove, with transparent synchronization based on open standard FeedSync.

It allows you to loosely connect your PCs, Macs, mobile phones and whathavewe to a mesh, i.e. a P2P grid. Each device can publish objects or files to the mesh, and Mesh will the transparently synchronize objects/files between the devices or persist them on the 5G free online storage Microsoft provides.

On first sight it looks a bit like Wuala, but note that Mesh is not restricted to files, and more importantly it's an open interface. No, it's more like Google App Engine, but not restritected to Python: Mesh objects can be interfaced via .NET, REST, RSS, JSON, file system, VB, etc.

Currently the technical preview is available though Connect, and Microsoft expect the API to be released on the PDC in fall '08.

The only thing I quite don't get now, is how is M$ going to make money on this? Take a look at JamieG's post for some interesting thoughts on that aspect.

More on Mesh.com.