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Events a la C# 3.0

The new language features makes it possible to minimize much of that nasty boiler plate code. With these helpers:

delegate void EventHandler<T>(object sender, T e); 

class EventArgs<T> : EventArgs { 
    readonly T _args; 
    public EventArgs(T args) { 
        _args = args; 
    public T Args { 
        get { return _args; } 

static class EventExtensions { 
    public static void OnEvent<T>( 
            this object sender, 
            EventHandler<T> handler, T e) { 
        if (handler != null) 
            handler(sender, e); 

I can raise thread safe events with a generic typed event argument as simple as this:

class MyClass 
    public event EventHandler<Point> Click; 

    : // some method body 
    this.OnEvent(Click, new Point(4,2)); 

I currently find much inspiration in functional programming and the F# project.