About me


Since graduating B. Sc. in 1999, I have had the pleasure of creating digitization solutions with exciting companies such as Ørsted, Microsoft, GN and various public institutions. Recent 12 years as an independent consultant with focus on enterprise- and solution architecture and advising on cloud-based collaboration solutions.

What I do

Often, I participate in communication with the business on analysis and documentation of processes and agile requirements specification, and either have an enterprise architect / strategic technical lead, or as solution architect that translate requirements into solid design decisions in a final solution.

I am a big fan of agile processes like scrum and devops, and prefer lightweight architecture with a focus on creating business value. Incidentally, I belong to the group of architects who can roll up their sleeves, and code complex logic. Although this is rarely my primary task, I believe that it is an important competence in order to understand the consequences of design decisions that may unintentionally be putting brakes on developers.

See more on my LinkedIn profile, check out my projects on GitHub or read the article about me the friendly folks at Danish Computerworld magazine posted a few years ago.


You can reach me on twitter @klinkby or email at [email protected].